MH_RK_TechMy black and white work is taken with a ‘Ruh Khitch’ street camera, made in Pakistan, which contains a darkroom so that I can develop the negative directly after exposure. Each exposure takes three seconds. The camera is heavy and cannot be moved quickly, otherwise I spill the chemicals from the trays inside it. This allows me to interact with the people, and for them to be involved in the process of being photographed.
Other works are from simple digital cameras but stitched into larger images which show great textural detail and allow larger print sizes._DSC3887 Some of the works are direct interviews giving first person view of events, some work is video. All of which converge within the digital environment.
Colour photography requires a closer adherence to the illusion of reality as experienced directly. Sound and video also require a high degree of technical control to manage the implications of their genres in telling documentary narratives, though these narratives may be made up as much from found footage as from high definition equipment. It is important to note the sizes, where stated, of images as there scale is crucial to their effect.