• Joseph Colony

    Falsely unifying rubrics such as Sunni, Shia, Christian, bind the surfaces of our lives to fear and oppression. The self-conscious narrowing of the possibilities of free thought, tears into the legacy of our humanistic education. The denial of a diverse historical perspective leads to the dogmatic insistence that all are not equal: it pushes an ideological fiction on top of complex social conditions to provide one single solution, confrontation. But our secular world rejects no point in history, instead it seeks moments of contact. Critical thought does not submit to state power, and does not place its own values above the lives of others. Rational discourse brings us together, enriching us by the overlap of many cultural values. To enable this we require patient enquiry beyond the surface, to the specificity of actual events which reveal the patterns of community. A separate sphere of multiple human experiences is necessary, where dialogue can begin to transform the end point of diatribe. We have already seen the mobilising force of murderous invectives become embedded between the individual and his conscience. Isolating the anger of the disenfranchised will do nothing to prevent the spread of violence, nor will pandering to a reductive historical perspective. A third way is required with its roots in individual justice and real social and political equality. The Joseph Colony works, a series of documentary, genre specific, series examines the process of repression through a communities destruction and restoration.