• A Church in Negative

    Joseph Colony, After the Fire In between then and now there was the rumor of immanent attack, the terror of not knowing whether your life is safe, or that of your children. Then fleeing with just a bag from the house to relatives around the city or just out and away. The mob broke through the police lines and burnt the colony. I watched as family after family clambered into the smoking, burnt out shells of their former homes. These Four photographs represent a form of Church. Each bearing the marks of one of the four foundations of the Church as a building and as a community. They are; the Holy, the Apostolic, the Universal and the One. There is nothing Christian in this except that the victims of the riot were Christian, and I am nominally Christian. There are other victims from other minorities at other times, but if transformation is possible then images have to be made to play there part in helping us understand the trauma of loss. The idea grew that in reaction to crude violence, there needs to be a space to allow the pain to settle. Would it be possible to make a sort of Church in negative? Instead of stone walls, white paint. Instead of stained glass, large, dark, detailed images. These are images for contemplation, they are designed to contain a large amount of information, to be the size of windows and to be experienced as a space to reassess our own reaction to traumatic events. C-type archival prints, sizes from 1.5 to 3 meters.