• The Shoe Factory

    Bonded Labour in the Shoe Manufacturing Industry, Lahore Pakistan. The Akram Shoe Factory employs twenty workers and makes sturdy plastic slip-on shoes, for women in Northern Pakistan.
    "My name is Shabbir Ahmed, I’ve worked here eight years. I have five children. I do as much as I can. I have small children and I am the only one working. It is very difficult to run my family but I am compelled to do it. It is only god with me, nobody else. I have a lot of money to repay. What should I do, it is my compulsion to work, otherwise I cannot get money from anywhere else. Brother, what should I do? One day I make 24 pairs of shoes and get paid 350 rupees (3 euros). Can you imaging how I am managing my family on 350 rupees. God send some angel who can solve my problem. Electric bill, gas bill and other bills, it is only God who is running my family otherwise there is no other way. I am thinking of doing a different job but I have a loan of 40000 to 50000 rupees (3500- 4500 euros) so I cannot leave this factory. If I could pay them then I am going to work somewhere else but since I took money from them I have to work here. In the morning at 8am I leave the house and in the evening at 11pm I return."
    Analogue Images printed on Baryta archival paper 61 x 51 cm